Healthy Eating on a Budget
For Less Than £20 per Week!

(New this year - Now Includes Vegetarian Options)

My  7-day family healthy meals planner shows exactly how to save ££'s each week

A complete weekly plan for buying, cooking and serving tasty natural meals the whole family will love. Nutritionally complete and suitable for novice cooks with little time (or money) to waste. Requires just one supermarket shop each week, for a family of 4, costing less that £80.

"A unique and useful book focused on simple healthy and tasty meals for the family. The cost savings are extraordinary!"  
Martina Watts MSc Nut Med - Author


this book is for you if...

  • You reckon that saving ££'s on your weekly food bill is ... a good idea!
  • You know you should "eat healthy to stay healthy" but somehow you haven't got the time.
  • You're not the world's greatest chef, so you need simple, tasty, quick recipes and tips.
  • You prefer supermarket shopping to those expensive "health food" stores in the high-street.

See what my clients are saying...

This is brilliant, Martina! I'm forwarding to everyone I've ever had the "we can't afford to eat healthily" conversation with!

Nutritional Therapist 

Well said Martina - and well written. Deserves a wide audience.

Journalist & Nutritionist

A really good e-book with very helpful eating plans and recipes. We have come to the same conclusions as you in our cooking at home!


Excellent insights. Thank you so much Martina!

Nutritional Therapist

Contents include these 6 Essential Features !

Top-10 Food Budget Tips

The 10 most important factors to keep in mind when shopping and cooking.

Complete 7-Day Food Plans

Planning ahead is the key to savings - and this e-book does it all for you!

Includes Vegetarian Diets

NEW this year

Recipe Suggestions

Healthy, delicious, easy and low-cost recipes for busy people, tied in with your 7-day food plan.

1-Stop Shopping Lists

Your 1-stop shopping list for the whole week, now with new 2016 prices. Spend less than £20 per person per week!

Nutritionally Balanced

Created by an experienced Nutritional Therapist, versatile and easily adaptable for gluten or dairy-free diets.

Hi Martina, I really enjoyed your e-book. Some fantastic ideas and I took the liberty of sharing it with the nutrition group I volunteer with at the MIND charity as I'm sure they appreciate the tips on saving money and eating healthy on a budget. Many thanks for sharing!

MIND charity volunteer

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