Nutrition and Addiction: a Handbook

Nutrition and Addiction: a Handbook
Edited by Martina Watts

Addiction treatment centres in the UK combine medication, counselling and behaviour modification to tackle cravings and aid recovery, yet relapse rates remain alarmingly high. This practical in-depth handbook examines newly emerging concepts in the management of addiction. Leading researchers and and experienced nutrition practitioners explore the underlying nutritional and biochemical factors involved in addictive behaviour, and the importance of nutrition in the prevention and management of addiction and its role in sustainable recovery.

Nutrition and Addiction is an up-to-date, fully referenced resource with a glossary and guide to drug terms. It is a useful guide for those with a basic understanding of nutrition, as well as for more experienced practitioners and healthcare professionals.

Key Themes:

  • Current developments in the treatment of drug and alcohol dependence in the UK.
  • The influence of genetic and environmental factors on craving and reward systems in the brain.
  • Why diet and eating patterns may encourage addictive behaviour.
  • The role of food addictions, eating disorders and food intolerances.
  • How to develop safe, cost-effective and evidence-based nutritional interventions alongside traditional care options.
Essential reading for: carers, clinicians, practitioners and therapists working in addiction and mental health within the public, private and voluntary sectors, nutritionists and dietitians, students on nutritition-related courses.

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