In The Mood – Diet and Supplement Spotlight

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Stress, low mood, lack of sleep. These are symptoms most of us just put up with on a daily basis. But later in life, these conditions could lead to a bout of depression. How can diet help in these situations? Depression in later life is widespread and debilitating. It frequently coexists with other illnesses or […]

Beat Depression with Nutrition

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Life has its ups and downs. Whether it’s raining cats and dogs, exams are looming, your partner has done a runner or some grander calamity occurs, a perceived lack of control can lead to depression. However, feelings of doom and gloom may also result from a number of biochemical imbalances associated with nutritional intake. These […]

Diet and Depression Conference Report

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Martina Watts, who both organised and spoke at this conference in December, reports: Last year, the food campaigner Sustain and the Mental Health Foundation reported how dietary changes may be one of the driving forces behind the rising tide of mental health problems. (see Foods Matter, Feb 2006). Depression has increased twenty-fold since 1945 and, […]